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Help Wanted

Notice: Wanted a member of the Oxford Land Trust who would like to volunteer to be the Recording Secretary. Our current recording secretary will be assuming the Treasurer's position on the retirement of the current Treasurer, Mike Murray. The position is a volunteer (nonpaying) position and with the successful completion of a year of service will become a Director position. The responsibilities include taking the Board Meeting Minutes at each monthly Board of Directors Meeting which occur every month on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Town Hall at 7pm. If you are interested, please respond to Margy Elliott, President, at 102007-one@att.net or to oxfordlandtrust@gmail.com.


Margy Elliott

Volunteerism - the key to success

All OLT Board Members are volunteers who share a passion to preserve open space in Oxford and to provide educational programming related to the environment. However, this cannot accomplished without your support. The OLT is always in need of volunteers to help with trail maintenance and development, mailings, newsletters, fund raising, membership drives, website development, etc. Your interest and support is welcome!

"We do not inherit the land
from out parents...
but borrow it from our children"
American Indian Proverb