PO Box 616 Oxford, CT 06478

Preservation for tomorrow

The Oxford Land Trust is a non-profit corporation established in 1988 to help preserve the rural character of the Town of Oxford, Connecticut, and to protect its natural resources. This includes land, wetlands, plant and animal life, and unique scenic and historic sights. The OLT also strives to acquire open space and conservation easements consistent with the purposes of the corporation. For the benefit of the public, the Oxford Land Trust promotes passive recreation on its properties and engages in educational and scientific study pertaining to conservation, ecology, and natural resources.

Our public lands are a treasure which is held in trust for current and future generations. They provide our community with recreational as well as financial benefits. For the nature lover and avid outdoors person, our public lands provide hiking trails, photographic and nature study opportunities. They also provide a sanctuary for the flora and fauna that live therein.

The Land Trust is also committed to the preservation of Oxford's family farms as working open space. This farm-preservation initiative uniquely combines economic development with the concept of Open Space, simultaneously balancing and maintaining both our economic and rural environmnents. Your financial support allows us to continue the 17-year tradition of the Second Grade Hike, pay land-management costs, and host educational speakers. A recent Powerpoint presentation discussed the excellent quality of Oxford's current water supply to serve as a standard with which to monitor the operation of the Towantic Power Plant going forward.